Football and soccer compare and contrast essay

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It is not only to win points. The purpose is to communicate with your opponents and cooperate with your teammates. The second similarity is the number of people who can play on a team. And one more similarity is that both games are played indoors. Only five people can play at the same time.

Players need to pass the ball to their teammates to score points.

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So it is a little harder than outdoor sports. The first difference is the content of the sports. Football players shoot the ball with their feet. But basketball players shoot with their hands. The second difference is the goals. Football has a rectangular goal with a net, located on the floor. But the goal in basketball is high above the floor. The players shoot the ball into it. That is the second difference.

In conclusion I have described some differences and some similarities. The differences are very natural, but also important.

Soccer and American football compare and contrast Essay Example

I assumed there are a few differences between football and basketball, so the similarities are more numerous than the differences. Which of these sports do you like? I like basketball. But the most important fact is that they are both popular. The number of players is the same; they are both outdoor games; and both have goals. But, the goals have different shapes. Lacrosse and soccer have some differences, too. Soccer players are not allowed to use their hands.

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Lacrosse players, on the other hand, use a stick. The size of the fields and the size of the ball are also different. Of course, the rules are also different.

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The most important thing that can happen to England players is that they improve their technique. As a conclusion, although the futsal and football games have a lot of differences, there are also have remarkable similarities among them which is the instruments used for the games such as ball, gloves and so on. Concept of the games will always maintain all the single time.

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