Performance management analysis a case study at a dutch municipality

Performance management analysis: a case study at a Dutch municipality | Emerald Insight

The pilot comprised households, or about two city blocks. The pilot area chosen presented some specific challenges because it is populated mostly by recent immigrants who are still learning Dutch. Lichtenbelt says this is immensely valuable, because biowaste that has been kept separate from metals and other plastics can be used at a higher value for energy or compost.

The pilot finished in February. A recommendation on how to proceed will be submitted to higher officials at AEB. Lichtenbelt says he expects that AEB will expand the pilot, as it does not cost much, though what people might be asked to separate out is still under discussion. AEB could offer individualized tracking to citizens, who would in exchange have their waste-related taxes reduced.

Citizens could also use their data to separate out items more efficiently. It is looking to a third-party group, possibly at AMS, to hold such data and keep it private. Studies have shown that it will get the best results if it encourages separating waste in households as well as doing so at its plant. Alliander, an ASC cofounder, worked with Amsterdam back in to create an open dataset showing energy usage for , buildings.

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That would likely mean interacting more with customers, something the company rarely did. For Alliander, the open data project represented a fundamental shift in the way it interacted with customers. Agterberg says all utilities run on the same basic model set up by Thomas Edison more than years ago, with centralized energy production. But alternative, sustainable energy sources demand decentralized distribution. Agterberg says utilities are simply not set up to for this, much like mainframe computers were not set up to handle widely distributed networks of users.

Instead, what shop owners wanted was an analysis once a year on how they could use less energy. The distinction led to a less top-down, engineering-driven approach to working with different groups, including the creation of an Energy Atlas that showed people how much power their buildings used the Atlas information is anonymized, making it practically impossible to identify how much power any individual is consuming. Ultimately, Agterberg says, she expects that every house and building could turn into energy generators and will need to be looked at as if they were nodes on a network.

That number is big enough that it would demand a radically different way of being funded than the current model of centralized energy.

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Part of being a smarter city is better crowd control, and the AMS researchers were studying the movement of crowds to better inform how they could deal with congestion and to prove they could do it without violating individual privacy. They were able to monitor the crowds without invading privacy, but there were odd moments.

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  8. Baron says he was watching at one point and the data were showing that something was delaying people at one spot on the map. The researchers started debating what could be the cause of it, when a police officer told them there was a trash can there and people were stopping to throw trash in it. Instead, they started to develop theories. It has a dozen projects underway to see what kind of data exists for various city functions.

    One of them is Rain Sense, a project that looks at where rain actually falls in Amsterdam as part of a project to help reduce the impact of flooding on traffic flow. Another is Beautiful Noise, which takes social media posts from sites like Flickr and Twitter and uses them to identify patterns that could improve the experience of tourists, for instance, by analyzing discussions about things like lines at museums, or to enhance livability for residents, for instance, by identifying delays in public transit. The smart city concept has endured skepticism and questions about whether it would get anywhere close to the hype around it.

    The Smart City initiative also survived a city council election that saw several of its proponents replaced. The city is moving forward, out of phase two, the living labs phase, and toward broader adoption of some initiatives. Baron, as CTO, will help guide some projects beyond the pilot stage.

    Performance management analysis a case study at a dutch municipality

    While he wants to see them all succeed, some of the most promising include lighting. The companies said they expect to expand throughout this area, and then more broadly throughout Amsterdam. Transit is also a promising area. And the potential for shared transit data also looks primed to scale in size and scope.

    Performance Management Analysis A Case Study At A Dutch Municipality

    A lot of cities are not in transformation yet. Data is particularly difficult to control for cities, which have a unique set of problems as they try to embrace data and analytics to improve municipal services. Cities have citizens, not customers. They operate in a political context that may restrict options or reward short-term focus. They must contend with regulatory restrictions, entrenched bureaucracies, diverse constituencies, and more.

    It is tough to get smart with all that working against you. Against all these challenges, the City of Amsterdam case study illustrates a number of tensions that cities — and organizations in general — may face as they attempt to gain benefits from increased availability of data.

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    Amsterdam, in aggregate, wants efficient sustainable operations, a vibrant tourism industry, and a high quality of life for its citizens. However, individual and societal desires are rarely the same, and organizations can lose control of how data is used. Amsterdam is determined to operate smarter.

    Abstract Purpose — Recently a tool called the performance management analysis PMA was developed, which can help an organisation evaluate its degree of performance drive. Findings — The results of the analysis offered the municipality a clear insight into the areas that needed attention, which enticed the start of several performance management improvement projects.

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