Heroin addiction thesis

How are new psychoactive substances controlled? How many people in Portugal have ever used drugs? What drugs have they used? How many have used drugs recently? How many are using drugs in highly risky ways? What part does prevention play in Portugal drug strategy.

Heroin Addiction

What are the main prevention approaches used in the country and who do they target? How does Portugal measure in terms of provision of needle and syringe programmes, peer naloxone programmes, supervised drug consumption rooms and heroin-assisted treatment. How is the drug treatment system organised in Portugal?

How is it financed? How is the provision of treatment divided between inpatient and outpatient settings? Which authorities are responsible for prison health in Portugal? What forms of drug treatment and harm reduction are provided in prisons, and how widely? What is done in Portugal to ensure that the prevention and treatment interventions used are effective and provide a good return on public expenditure? In which areas of study is drug-related research carried out in Portugal? How is this research funded? Are any types of research emphasised in the national drug strategy? What is known about drug supply and trafficking in Portugal?

How pure or strong are the drugs available? What do they cost?

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What are the main aims of supply reduction efforts? This interactive version of the Country Drug Report is presented in sections. If you would like a print-out of the complete report, a PDF is available in the Publications database. It plans, implements and coordinates drug demand reduction interventions, and collects, analyses and disseminates information on drug use and responses to it. Click here to learn more about our partner in Portugal. Head of national focal point: Ms Sofia Santos. Methodological note: Analysis of trends is based only on those countries providing sufficient data to describe changes over the period specified.

The reader should also be aware that monitoring patterns and trends in a hidden and stigmatised behaviour like drug use is both practically and methodologically challenging. Get me some more.

Oh, man! We were living with animal feces. It was a very filthy environment. And before long, that was my home. And I was seeing people pretty much overdosing in other rooms. It gets very weird. During that time, I lost it all. As long as I could get high, it was OK. They were the first drug-trafficking group to understand that the pill market was essentially priming the heroin market.

They call them stores. SAM QUINONES: What you need is a large community of pretty well-to-do kids with money to buy the dope, with cell phones to call the dealer, with cars to go get the dope, and private bedrooms to shoot it up. By the time she was about 13 or 14, she could throw a pitch about 65 miles an hour. We lived in a beautiful bedroom community in Seattle.

I had a great job.

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We were a very tight foursome, my husband and I and our two children. It was a great middle America life, very happy.

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Her father was a stay-at-home dad who doted on his girls. Our children went to good schools.

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The neighborhood was safe. We never locked the door. Marah was a very happy child. It was clear she had some eating disorders issues. We were just trying to find the right mix of therapy, meds.

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So I always kind of kept a close eye. I was looking under the bed.

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Are there bottles? And I opened it. It was cocaine. The program they chose followed a model of strict abstinence. Marah spent 90 days in intensive rehab, three times longer than the average patient stay. She looked good. She looked healthy. She seemed determined to live more responsibly. And for a long time, she did pretty well.


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A few months after Marah got out, she started using OxyContin. Her mother found out after Marah was caught stealing pills. But that was only the beginning. I need help. She went to AA meetings regularly, worked hard at school and delighted her family when she finally graduated from high school. And first off, I got to thank you guys.

Thank you. And my beautiful family. Look at all of them hanging out!

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I love you guys. She just had this— this thing about her that some people have. And she was able to get through my barriers, you know? We just had a good time.