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But these metaphoric phrases have been—and continue to be—applied literally and with opposite values in the service of racial discrimination and biased medical treatment. Linda Villarosa, writer, journalist, educator, and New York Times contributor, examines the history of beliefs about skin depth and other physical features and traces how those beliefs influence US health care today.

Time is Money Essay for Students in English

Permalink Comments 2. Permalink Comments 6. Dogs and cats, of course. But pigs, peacocks, and even squirrels? Diane Barth works through the causes and consequences of the situation. Continue reading "Genuine need or narcissism?

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Groovy to hear it. Utah Jazz player Kyle Korver has had a stellar basketball career. As a popular NBA star, he enjoys a tremendously privileged life. Korver, "Privilege". Permalink Comments 8. If I googled you right now, would I find any cute baby pictures or embarrassing but adorable anecdotes about you? Their responses to the discovery run a full gamut of emotions and raise numerous ethical questions.

Taylor Lorenz, technology staff writer at The Atlantic , relates some of their responses and explores the issues in this February report. Permalink Comments 0 Reblog 0.

The Effects of Technology

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Genuine need or narcissism? Diane Barth on emotional support animals in public spaces Dogs and cats, of course. Permalink Comments 11 Reblog 0. Permalink Comments 8 Reblog 0. Feeling famous: Taylor Lorenz on kids and their presence online If I googled you right now, would I find any cute baby pictures or embarrassing but adorable anecdotes about you?

Some people can already point to whole skill sets that are being lost as a result of technology. Very few people see map-reading as a skill worth learning anymore, as we can rely on GPS, and nobody tries to calculate anything in their head as everyone has a calculator on their phone.

Human becoming technology dependent

These were considered vital skills at one point, and are on the verge of being lost completely. Another element that bothers people is that the art of conversation could die, as so much communication is conducted via technology, whether through texting or social media.

People rarely even pick up the phone to make a call any more, meaning that simple speech communication, not just face to face is at risk. The main issue that bothers many people is the fact that there is a whole generation of children who are being raised in such a way that technology fills most of their needs.

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  7. A tablet is often a babysitter, and a movie has replaced a bedtime story. Physical development can be stunted or harmed as so many kids just sit around playing video games all day.

    As a society we benefit from accepting and adapting to advances, such as the telephone instead of the letter, and now instant communication is possible. In situations of emergency, in contacting loved ones who live far away, this can only be seen as a good thing.

    People worried TV would wipe out communication initially, and yet family units and communities have survived.