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Educational development is a mix of both formal and informal learning conditions as assessment of my own educational experience has taught me.

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I cannot say that one is more important than the other; each segment together has taught me different elements -- made me grow -- and combined in producing the 'me' that you see today. In his "Notes for an Obituary," Einstein once noted that the system of education was a deliberate intention on the part of the state to mislead youth. He distrusted all forms of education, and from his pre-adolescent days refused to be taught. Religious leaders, too, he felt were disillusioned and deluding society.

Yet Einstein felt that the fault belonged, not to the rabbi or to the priest, but with the force behind them that disregarded liberty of thought and made education compulsory.

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As regards Einstein himself, he was determined that formal education would not…… [Read More]. Educational Leadership Leaders in the. Saudi Aramco's training department was underdeveloped, and therefore the potential of their employees was being squandered. Once armed with an advanced degree I will stand poised to help organizations like Saudi Aramco to improve their training departments.

Ultimately I will be able to perform consulting work in numerous private, non-profit, and government sectors to expand my range of expertise and offer the best guidance I possibly can to my clients. Having worked as a translator as well as a professional training director, I have developed solid communications and leadership skills that can easily be imparted to my clients. I also have proven experience in developing and implementing training programs for professionals.

What I need now is a leap forward, to hone my ability to design optimal training programs that meet the needs of both individuals and organizations. The higher education doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts offers… [Read More]. Educational Background Personal Statement on My Educational Background and Doctoral Ambitions As I embark on my doctoral-level studies, I do so with a great appreciation for the education that I've had to this juncture.

Indeed, my educational background has played a significant part in both guiding me to this point and preparing me for the challenges that surely lay ahead. Over the course of my higher education, I have focused on expanding my knowledge, building my credentials and advancing my career in the fields of financial consultation, general accounting and business administration. Much of my grounding in this area of business stems from my undergraduate education.

As a student at the University of? During this course of study, I would gain greater interest in many of…… [Read More]. Educational Equality in Canada Canada's. In other words, official commitment to multiculturalism is just a smoke screen for many Canadian officials who believe that the Euro-Canadian way of doing things is the norm.

The limits of multiculturalism in practice are also visible in the treatment of Canadian citizens and immigrants who have dark skin color. According to Kelly , African Canadians are routinely "racialized" and "othered" that is, they are put outside of the dominant group. The manner in which African Canadians are unable to become fully-fledged Canadians even if they are born in Canada was succinctly explained by Marlene Nourbese Philip, an African Canadian essayist: "Being born elsewhere, having been fashioned in a different culture, some of us may always feel 'othered,' but then there are those -- our children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren -- born here, who are as Canadian as snow and ice, and yet, merely because of their darker skins, are…… [Read More].

Educational Program Needs and Expectations of the. Educational Program Needs and expectations of the stakeholders in the project This Far West education program has a variety of stakeholders bearing that it is directed towards not only impacting the English speaking ability among the immigrant population, but also equipping them with prerequisite skills and material like books and other support to ensure the people involved in the program benefit to the maximum.

The stakeholders involved here are categorized as the sponsors, teachers, students, staff members, the community within which the project is to be established as well as the management that will oversee the implementation of the project. There are varied needs that the stakeholders would have in the course of the project. These expectations widely influence running of every program and this will not be an exemption. The One of the very significant expectations of the stakeholders is the proof of transparency and fairness of the program. Educational Psychology Multicultural Education Enhancing.

Ethnicity may also affect how students perceive history, literature, and other aspects of the curriculum that are taken for granted.

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The perspective of a child who has lived abroad, or whose parents are first-generation immigrants can provide valuable context to a classroom discussion that would otherwise be one-sided. It is incumbent upon the teacher as well to assume that a lesson plan does not make assumptions about the child's knowledge base. Certain contextual references particular to American culture may not be shared by all children; even celebrating highly Americanized holidays in class such as Thanksgiving and Halloween must be done so in a manner so that it is not assumed that every child observes these holidays as a regular part of his or her routine.

Vocabulary and cultural reference should be defined if there is any uncertainty some children may not know them. All children can benefit from multicultural learning,…… [Read More]. Educational Law How Lawful How. Conservatives, on the other hand, have many passions and one of them is a color-blind government. Most of them believe that all policies of discrimination should be discarded.

They view these policies as unwise, immoral and unconstitutional. Three conservative organizations submitted a collective brief to the Supreme Court on the Michigan cases. Their brief succinctly stated that racial preferences were incompatible with the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment, according to them, clearly states that no person within its jurisdiction would be denied the equal protection of the laws. The silence of the justices to this statement was perceived to indicate insufficient interest in the original understanding than in their own case law.

In and , radical Republicans proposed a constitutional amendment that no State could set distinctions in civil rights and…… [Read More]. Educational Activity.

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Educational Activity Future History Journal Challenging middle school students to develop a greater sense of civic pride is one of the most foundational goals of the period in both education and in social and personal development. Middle school is an extremely personal, social, emotional period in the development of the individual.

The personal events surrounding often-rapid changes in the physical body of the adolescent and in the social boundaries of their independent lives often dictate the ability or willingness of a student to concentrate on issues of a broader nature. For this reason civic responsibility and world or local events can sometimes occur without the awareness of some members of this age group.

For this reason an activity which focuses on the impact of current events on the future is age appropriate and a journal format is very personal. Melding the personal and the global into a single project, lasting…… [Read More]. Educational Challenges for Special Needs. Included in life skills are such as the ability to manage personal finances, the ability to manage a household, the ability to care for personal needs, and awareness of safety as well as many other life skills including citizenship and leisure activities.

The view of the World Health Organization to developing countries is quite different however; this may be based on the cultural barriers to education for special needs students in the developing countries. Recommendations Recommendations arising from this brief study and proposal for research include a recommendation that research be conducted for the purpose of determining what governmental aids and supports can be made for special needs students in education to provide them with the…… [Read More]. Updated in , it is able to use most of the current interactive tools.

One disappointment: it is not Vista-capable. French Verb Games 1 This is a flash-card program which is used to memorize French verbs. This could be a tedious task, but is made easier by the games-oriented flash card architecture. It uses flash cards and a series of games to make learning fun. On the downside, it does not have a voice playback feature, nor does it have native speakers who can help the student understand the context and accent for the verbs.

It is Vista-enabled, and up-to-date with a version.

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Human Japanese Of the 10 software programs found, this is…… [Read More]. Educational Programs for Adult Offenders. This study proved that educational programs are a more effective deterrent for young adults keeping them from falling back into criminal ways. A recent study by Marylin and Cindy found that the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program PIECP which allows a prisoner to work for a private employer and earn real wages is also very effective in reducing recidivism rates.

Educational Philosophies Richard D Mosier. Synthesize traditional and progressive education for today's students.

Education digest. Philosophical perspectives in education. Oregon State University, School of Education. The educational philopophy of William T. Peabody Journal of education. Progressive vs. Education week.

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John Dewey: Philosophy of education. Experimental learning. Styles of thinking as a basis of differntiated instruction. Theory into practice, 44 3 , Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Educational Reform During the Age. The man who first devised the present mode of governing colleges in this country has done us more injury than Benedict Arnold.

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The motive would be clear here, as the rising prominence in influence and impulse of young students themselves would drive ayside and his contemporaries to scrutinize college governance and administration as processes separate from the priorities of education itself. The impact of ayside's recognition would be the newfound scrutiny of decisions which placed those unqualified in the areas of education in positions of power and determination where education was concerned.

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Perhaps most troubling amongst the outcomes of this orientation at America's universities was its perpetuation of a class system. Those who had been elevated to places of administrative oversight were typically wealthy elites whose…… [Read More]. Educational Ideology Philosophy and Theory. Finally, logic consists of the study of formal argument and is fundamentally related to other branches of philosophy and to the process of human reason, more generally.

Academic goals essay

Axiologists…… [Read More]. Families on the Educational Attainments of the. For this purpose, a social research interview was conducted and the response of the interviewee is taken as a base for making conclusions about the issue at hand. Family has an influential impact on the educational attainments of an individual. It is a widely supported fact that if the individuals want to give an effective performance in their educational life then they must have complete support of their families, especially their parents.