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They were very passionate about literature, and because of them I continued to pursue creative writing. Let them free their muses to soar. Teachers who display an infectious passion for great creative writing can inspire us to great heights. It might take a simple interesting prompt that spurs their imagination.

Restorative Practice Better outcomes through solution fluency. The critical thinking companion the ultimate critical thinking guide.

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March 30, Then pair and share. The ball is then tossed to another student who does the same. Modelling —Show them examples of good, interesting writing.

Character —Show random pictures of people from the Internet. Develop a character from the image using prompt questions provided by the teacher.

Creative writing and fiction

Examples are dialogue, developing setting, conflict, narrative point of view, etc. Best for writing prompts. You can set a time limit for each step and challenge your child to write against the clock, or turn it off so they can take their time over their story. You can also use the app for a Consequences-style game, passing the phone or tablet between you so a different person responds to each prompt.

Best for writers who need inspiration. Best for being creative.

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The first step is to set up an author page by uploading a photo of your child. They can then get started with creating their storybook, typing in their text page by page or recording themselves telling their story out loud. They can customise the colours, add drawings, photos from their device and stickers to each page, and compile and edit as many pages as they like.

Once your child has created their masterpiece, the app saves it as an e-book that you can export to iBooks and share with friends and family. It also converts it to a mini movie that they can share on YouTube or social media with your consent, of course.

How to plan your story

The free version of the app allows you to create two books, but upgrading will allow unlimited authors to put together as many books as they like, as well as giving access to the full range of hundreds of stickers. Best for variety.

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The Story Mountain setting will help your child plan their story in advance by filling in the details of the beginning, middle and end, while the Second Story function will challenge them to think on their feet, throwing a different prompt at them every few seconds, resulting in some spontaneous and often ridiculous creative writing. Best for interactivity.

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Night Zookeeper VR Writing Adventures, free, Apple The Night Zookeeper website , based on the series of books by Joshua Davidson, has inspired over , kids to develop their creative writing skills. The app immerses children even further in the story experience using VR technology, helping to kickstart their writing.

Writing Tips: 6 Ways to Start a Sentence

The app reminds them to look around closely and memorise the details they see to inspire their writing. They can then upload their work to the Night Zookeeper website and share it on Twitter. The only drawback is that the VR story and animation is the same every time your child watches.