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I can remember back in the day when I was still in elementary school and could hear my parents talking about elections and politics. Their conversations made little sense to me and thus resulted in making me dread the day that I would be required to vote. I could not wrap my head around the reasons as to why my parents would take time to vote for a person that would rule over the entire nation as well as the place we lived. It even reached a point where I swore that I would never vote because of how pointless I thought the activity was.

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In addition to the above, I did not care about making an effort to defend my nation mainly due to the lack of understanding of all the efforts that veterans had made to preserve the safety of Americans. I was sailing in a boat of ignorance that made me believe that one person alone could not influence the outcome of a political election in America.

However, since then, I have come to learn that my vote alone can make a paradigm-shifting difference. This change in mindset was brought about by taking interest and keeping informed with the dynamics of the country.

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With such knowledge at hand, I learned that it is possible for the officials that I vote for to make proper decisions that are in the same wavelength with American beliefs and promote the values we regard to be true. There are some responsibilities to our nation that are at times required of us by law. Duties such as ensuring that you attend school until a particular age and pay taxes are mandatory to us merely because the law dictates it and there is no way that you can maneuver around them.

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In this responsibility essay, we can compare duties to doing school assignments while on the other hand, we can make responsibilities to be similar to doing house chores. On the opposite end of things, homework is necessary for getting good grades. Failure to do your homework is bound to get you terrible grades that could hurt your future academic endeavors.

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Just as it is in doing your assignments and chores, if Americans fail to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, they are bound to face the consequences. Each of the two aspects is important to the society and its general functionality.

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What does being American entail? Being more grown up now, I can assert that I understand it at greater depths. But in the modern world we have the ever-growing tendency of the state to remove the idea of responsibility from new and new areas of human existence.

Let me explain it in my responsibility essay. It means that, if in the past only the buyer was responsible for the quality of the thing he had bought, which required from him to think carefully before making a purchase, now he does not anymore carry this responsibility and can buy whatever he likes, knowing that in case of a problem it is the vendor to be blamed.

The same goes for other spheres or activity. The reason is, the state does not need independent people. Best Free Essay Examples for Students. Order Now. Free examples Essay on responsibility.

Some students find it difficult to complete this academic assignment. It takes some time and hard work to write a great paper. To make things easier, understand the meaning of responsibility in life, its important consequences, and related factors that lead to its respect in the society.

Importance of Personal Responsibility

Stick to a specific number of pages. Use your ability to analyze to submit a quality paper on responsibility. If you have nothing to discuss in your essay, talking about yourself and personal duties and rights is a clever choice. State your answers to these basic questions to ensure the most pleasant experience and desirable points when writing a responsibility essay. Decide whether you agree with the argument that people who have a lot of power are responsible for many things in their lives.

What happens if they act irresponsibly?

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How do they control their responsibilities? When writing your academic paper on social responsibility , think about the statement that modern people have many rights, and they fail to consider crucial responsibilities in their family and other fields. Why are some of them afraid to take responsibility for all actions?

Feel free to introduce interesting and relevant situations to tell readers more about the outcomes of not taking this important step. Creating a detailed plan for your essay on responsibility requires you to use creative and effective ways to structure all ideas. Why do you need it?