A trip to the zoo essay

It teaches more than any book could, as, we see the lion itself and the surroundings as they are.

The other area of the zoo that I liked was the setting made for the monkeys of different kinds and sizes and colours. Some are black and skin colour while others are just plain skin colour. I do wonder why most of the children visiting the zoo were crowding at this area. It appeared as though the monkey was a high attraction for all of them. I also liked the area very much, and we had a lot of fun in this place.

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It was such fun seeing all size monkeys jumping from tree to tree with such ease. Huge and very fat monkeys were seen jumping with as much ease as the small and thin ones. How they ate the mustard and fruits thrown to them by the children was the most interesting sight to watch.

After seeing the zoo, we felt tired and hungry. We sat under a tree and ate our tiffin. After sometimes, we returned to our school. We thanked our teacher for such an enjoyable trip we leant many things about the animals. I saw some animals for the first time, which I had seen earlier only in pictures. My visit to the zoo was great fun and with it.

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They were roaring and enjoying their meals. We also beheld snakes, peacocks, zebras,ostriches, crocodiles and alligators. Lastly, we saw the elephant. We had a ride on the elephant. We enjoyed the ride very much. Then, we had cold drinks at the cafeteria of the zoo. After this, we left the zoo and reached home at p.

A Trip to the Zoo

It was really a pleasant experience for me. Hello, I am Maher Afrasiab a founder of Ratta. I have created ratta. And to help the students in their studies. Find me on Facebook: Maher Afrasiab. Next Prev Post.

Exploring the Australia Zoo

We then moved to the next section of the zoo. There were wild animals like lions, panthers, tigers, leopards and bears. They were in separate cages. It was tried to create natural living condition for these animals. Then we saw monkeys and chimpanzees. They were also in separate cages.

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Then we saw kangaroos, zebras and a giraffe. A white elephant was also there. We saw wolves, hyenas and jackals in their separate cages. I enjoyed elephant ride there. We saw water birds like cranes, swans, ducks etc. Then we saw birds kept in big cages. Parrot from different countries white peacocks and other beautiful birds of different kinds attracted a large gathering. We saw a pond in which crocodiles were swimming. Nearby was the enclosure for snakes and cobras.

Essay on "A Visit To the Zoo" English Essay for Class 8,9,10 and 12

They were of different sizes and colors. Tired as I was, I lay in the shade of a tree on the green grass for relaxation. In fact zoo is a place of education as well as of entertainment.