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In result of this, in , Galileo made a notable discovery about the pendulum. He discovered that the period in which the pendulum swings back and forth does not depend on the arc of the swing. Following this discovery, Galileo indulged more into the study of time intervals. Galileo indulged in the study of Aristotelian physics. After further study and questioning about the approach, Galileo was eventually able to disprove that heavier objects fall faster through a medium than light ones.

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He was able to conclude this by series of experiments including dropping objects of different weights at certain heights. Another experiment relating to his study of motion and time intervals, involved rolling balls down a gentle slope and recording their positions at certain times.

Galileo’s Early Life, Education and Experiments

Since the university was so close to the sea, Galileo was able to visit Venetian ships. Intrigued by the technology, and well known for his intelligence, he was presented with a setback about the placement of oars in galleys. Using the oar itself as a lever and the water as a support.

Pleased with his make shift answer, Galileo eventually made a pump that solved the problem within a year of the presented problem.

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The only telescopes around the time of his study were able to amplify objects three times. Galileo created a telescope that could amplify objects twenty times. With this much amplification, the moon could be seen in a different light, the four satellites of Jupiter were discovered by Galileo himself, sunspots were discovered, and scientist were able to witness a supernova before their very eyes.

He was finally able to disprove the geocentric model and prove the Copernican System, that the planets revolve around the sun.

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  7. The Copernican System was not believed by the Catholic Church, and a committee of consultants presented to the Inquisition that belief in the Copernican System was unorthodox and unlawful. Galileo was told that he was not allowed to defend the… Show More. Related Documents: Essay on Galileo Galilei. The church maintained that the center of the universe… Words - Pages 2.

    Essay on Galileo and Venus Before Galileo, retrograde motion was explained by epicycles. Galileo made a very straight… Words - Pages 2.

    Upload: Computer Reservations System and Galileo Essays Airlines, which carries more domestic Customers than any other US airline, and Galileo, a leading global distribution system GDS and technology provider, today announced a year, content distribution agreement. Copernicus' work… Words - Pages 4.

    Galileo was tutored… Words - Pages 3. Brecht was a German playwright who lived and worked in Munich, Bavaria. This is a fascinating look at Galileo's life as seen in letters to and from his daughter.

    Although Galileo never married, he had a short relationship with a woman named Marina Gamba. She actually bore him three children and lived in Venice. This is a more recent biography of Galileo. Everyone is fascinated by Galileo's trial before the Inquisition. This book tells of his various trips to Rome, from his younger days through his famous trial.

    Essay on Galileo

    It was hard to put down. I found this book to be an intriguing look at a young Galileo and one of the discoveries which led to his place in scientific history. This book is an easy read for just about anyone. Not a single story, but a series of essays that delve into Galileo's life and work, and is a useful reference book on the man and his work.

    Galileo belonged to the secretive Linxean society, a group of scholarly individuals. This book describes the group and especially their most famous member and his contributions to modern science and natural history.

    Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

    Starry Messenger. Aged 24, he began teaching art in the Italian city of Florence. He worked in Pisa for three years, before moving to the University of Padua in northern Italy in Galileo settled in Padua, where he taught mathematics, physics, and astronomy, making many momentous scientific discoveries. On a dark, clear night, you can see the Milky Way in the sky.

    This NASA image contains much more detail than you could ever see with the naked eye. Galileo discovered that the Milky Way is made up of stars. Galileo investigated the effect of gravity on falling bodies. He found balls fired from cannons followed a path shaped like a parabola and that all bodies fall to Earth with a constant acceleration. For example, it was okay to pretend that the earth orbited the sun to help with astronomical calculations, but it was not okay to state that it was true that the earth orbited the sun.

    He also said he preferred the idea that the earth orbits the sun to the idea that the earth is the center of the universe: this was known as the Copernican view after Nicholas Copernicus proposed a heliocentric or sun-centered Solar System in Aristarchus , in Ancient Greece, proposed this 18 centuries earlier. Despite the final approval, the book was still not actually published in any countries with a powerful Catholic Church. In the book he seemed to argue in favor of a heliocentric Solar System.

    He was interrogated by the Inquisition and threatened with torture. He denied that his book was heretical and denied that it advocated a heliocentric Solar System. Galileo was confined to his house in the city of Florence for eight years, during which time he was allowed to receive visitors. The book was published in Holland after it was smuggled out of Italy.