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Many child labourers never go to school or drop out.

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Education is a proven strategy for reducing child labour. Lack of access to education keeps the cycle of exploitation, illiteracy and poverty going — limiting future options and forcing children to accept low-wage work as adults and to raise their own children in poverty. Children who have access to education can break the cycle of poverty at the root of child labour. Child marriage is prevalent in communities where poverty is widespread, birth and death rates are high and access to education and healthcare is low.

It can be seen as a strategy for short-term financial security, often taking place in exchange for goods or resources that support the survival of other family members. Girls from the poorest households are at greatest risk of becoming child brides. Natural disasters and armed conflict increase the chance of sexual violence against women and girls and can plunge families deeper into poverty. This makes girls more vulnerable to early forced marriage as parents perceive marriage as a means to protect and provide for their daughters.

The rate of child marriage among Syrian refugee girls in Jordan has doubled from the pre-crisis rate. In some cultures, child marriage for girls is common. This supports discrimination and the abuse of girls and women, treating them as commodities that can be traded for cash, goods or status. Many child brides do not return to school after marriage due to tuition and other fees, lack of childcare and the inflexibility of schools. Child marriage often means early and frequent pregnancies, which lead to school dropouts or girls being excluded.

Having babies too young causes serious health issues. Pregnancy and childbirth complications are among the leading causes of death in girls aged 15 to 19 in low- and middle-income countries. Approximately 70, girls die in labour every year. Some child brides are as young as eight or nine. Child marriage is not just an issue for the individual. Each time a girl misses out on her education because she is forced into marriage, her family and country miss out on her potential contributions, economic and social. Child marriage is a truly global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities.

It can be found in every region of the world. The countries with the highest numbers of child marriage are India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil and Ethiopia. Laws setting a minimum age of marriage are an important way to safeguard children from being married before they are ready. Child or early forced marriage is a human rights violation and is not in line with several international agreements. A clear and consistent legislation that establishes 18 as the minimum age of marriage helps to protect girls from being forced into marriage. However, in many parts of the world that have this legislation, there are exceptions where parental consent, the authorisation of the court, or religious laws allow marriage below the age of As child marriage and lack of secondary education are so closely linked, increasing opportunities for education is key to reducing levels of child marriage.

Continued work to empower girls and women, to mobilise families and communities to make change, provision of health, education and child protection services, and establishment of a legal and policy framework to protect girls is essential. This has been helped by supporting communities to discuss the issue and set up child marriage-free zones, pressuring governments to adopt and enforce 18 as the minimum legal age of marriage and to protect children as minors.

Increased access to education for girls has also been a contributing factor in lowering the child marriage rates.

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Global advocacy has resulted in a change in the law in countries with high rates of child marriage, such as Malawi. There were some breakthrough moments in A summit on child marriage in West and Central Africa saw commitments from many countries to end child marriage. A landmark court ruling in India means that sex with a bride under 18 is rape.

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A legal loophole allowing men to marry underage girls they had made pregnant girls was closed in El Salvador. And child marriage was made illegal in several countries including Honduras, Costa Rica and Malawi. While there has been some progress, the issue is a long way from being resolved and needs a sustained effort on several fronts in order for things to change.

Continued efforts on several fronts is important to improve the situation. They should include:. Her first thought was statutory rape. So she called the local police and made a report. Abortion was mentioned, but quickly dismissed by Heather and her family. Heather and Aaron could put the baby up for adoption, Ken said. They could try running away to Canada to avoid prosecution. Or, they could keep the baby and get married. He recorded the conversation.

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For Officer Griffel, the age difference between Heather and Aaron was an automatic red flag. Keith acknowledged this. About a week later, Heather had an ultrasound appointment. She was going to keep the baby. And if she was keeping it, she wanted the father to be involved. But with the police now investigating, marriage seemed like the best of several bad options.


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In Idaho, and many other states, the act of getting married changes the rules around whether a person can be prosecuted for statutory rape. But once vows are exchanged, the same act becomes legal. Heather denied this. During the Colonial era, girls as young as 12 and boys as young as 14 could legally marry. Minors of any age, however, could marry with parental consent. These laws served to dissuade men who were only interested in marrying girls for their money, according to Syrett. The U. In , around 10 percent of year-old girls were married, according to Census data.

However, attitudes towards such young marriages were beginning to shift. Johns was a quiet, tobacco farmer in Hancock County, Tennessee. At the time, however, there was no minimum marriage age in Tennessee and minors did not need parental permission.

Child Marriage Still Legal In The U.S.

News of their union prompted outrage around the country. National magazines and newspapers jumped to report the story. Within weeks, legislators in Tennessee — humiliated by the outrage around the country — passed a bill that set the minimum age of marriage at In the decades after, the rules around child marriage mostly faded from the national conversation. Americans became more likely to hear about efforts to combat child marriage abroad. Agency for International Development. Since there is no federal law governing the age of marriage, the issue has played out on the state level, where efforts to amend the marriage age have often been slow and sporadic.

In , Delaware passed a new law that requires anyone under the age of 18 to petition a judge for permission to marry. The law was drafted by Ken Boulden, a year-old clerk of the peace in Wilmington, after he was asked to issue a marriage license to a pregnant, year-old girl. Boulden said he refused to grant the marriage license. He asked the couple to return to his office a few days later and alerted the police, who were on hand to arrest the man for statutory rape.

After returning from Missouri, Heather and Aaron spent two days on a honeymoon. They meandered through the day, watching cooking shows, laughing and talking.

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For breakfast, Heather said she made Aaron two fried eggs on toast and a sausage to resemble a smiling face. They slept in a camper van on the property. Heather began sophomore year of high school. Aaron struggled to find work. Then, over Labor Day weekend, Heather started feeling sick. A week later, Officer Griffel came by the fly shop with a warrant to arrest Aaron. Griffel had received a call from Lynnette, who only learned about the marriage after it had already happened.

Are you serious? Aaron was charged with statutory rape. Although Idaho law allowed Heather and Aaron to have sex as husband and wife, Aaron could still be prosecuted for having sex with a minor prior to marriage.