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Data on family migration are also collected via such sample surveys as annual population surveys, labour force surveys or income and living conditions surveys. Data collected via individual surveys or ethnographic studies enable collection of granular data to better understand the transnational family arrangements across borders.

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The following are databases that consolidate flow or stock data on family migration:. The dataset is updated on a biannual basis. The report also presents estimates on family migration for OECD countries and is updated annually. The database on asylum and managed migration presents the following datasets:. The aforementioned datasets are disaggregated by sex and age.

Data are predominantly updated on an annual basis. There are currently 8 policy indicators that measure policies. In light of the current political climate, in which family-based migration in some countries is discussed in connection to irregular migration or in the context of it being a burden to the social system of a host country, granular data on family migration are of special importance to deconstruct these particular myths with data-driven deliberations.

The existing data sources on family migration are valuable baselines, but further enhancement in data collection and harmonization methodologies is essential.

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In pursuit of these improvements there are limitations that hinder the process, including the following:. There is no global comparable database on family migration, which covers all countries and areas of the world. This is due to a lack of data from most developing countries. Data are missing due to a lack of capacity to collect, process and disseminate data on family migration in these countries.

Even when data are available, it is often challenging to integrate and harmonize datasets of diverse origins because of inconsistent methodological frameworks. There is still little known about the recent dynamics of family migration and about the impact of migration policies in shaping it OECD, This is despite the availability of family migration data in some regions of the world. Moreover, the evidence-base regarding the socio-economic demographic characteristics of family migration in some countries has not been updated.

For example, in the United States, the most recent surveys on socio-demographic characteristics of family migrants date from the s ibid. Statistics derived from administrative records do not portray the complete picture of the flow of family migrants GMG This is because, although administrative data sources enable the production of estimates on family migration, statistics derived from population registers and issuance of residence permits refer to administrative records rather than people ibid.

Some countries are undertaking initiatives to tackle this issue. They tend to combine different data types, namely survey data and administrative records, to improve the quality of migration data.

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Data on transnational familyhood are scarce. Despite the growing importance of this type of family arrangement in recent years, there is still limited knowledge on the scale and dynamics of this type of family arrangement in a migration context.

Evidence-based policy is needed to ensure the migration of a family member does not need to lead to those left behind suffering. Thus, policy makers lack a sufficient evidence base to facilitate family emigration processes.

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The field of migrant English Deutsch. Recent trends. Further reading.

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Castro Martin, T. Koops, and D. Vono de Vilhena eds. Discussion Paper No. Fan, C.

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Sun and S. Zheng Migration and split households: A comparison of sole, couple, and family migrants in Beijing, China , Environment and Planning A, Last updated on. Share on. First, consider the reliability of the information. Where is the information coming from? What is the origin of the source? How does this information relate to your research question?

Does it support, refute, or add context to your position? How does it relate to the other sources you'll be using in your paper? Once you have determined that your sources are both reliable and relevant, you can proceed confidently to the writing phase. The research process is one of the most taxing academic tasks you'll be asked to complete.

Here are just some of the benefits of research papers. The best research papers are the result of genuine interest and a thorough research process. With these ideas in mind, go forth and research.

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Welcome to the scholarly conversation! Share Flipboard Email. Olivia Valdes is a college admissions consultant and the founder of Zen Admissions. Updated October 01, During the research and writing process, you'll learn how to document your research, cite sources appropriately, format an academic paper, maintain an academic tone, and more. Organizing Information: In a way, research is nothing more than a massive organizational project.

The information available to you is near-infinite, and it's your job to review that information, narrow it down, categorize it, and present it in a clear, relevant format. This process requires attention to detail and major brainpower. Every step of the research and writing process takes time, and it's up to you to set aside the time you'll need to complete each step of the task. Maximize your efficiency by creating a research schedule and inserting blocks of "research time" into your calendar as soon as you receive the assignment.

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