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Thesis Design Presentations. Design grade established in consultation with the ARC instructor and thesis committee. Students develop a written addendum to their thesis document to include reduced project drawings and a critical concluding section exploring the relationship between their theoretical frame and design outcome.

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In order for students to receive a grade for ARC studio, students must turn in completed thesis document text and design documentation to their committee for signature at least one week prior to graduation. Committee members must approve completed document content before they sign cover sheets. Graduation cannot occur until a final grade is approved and signed documents are deposited with Graduate Department's Administrative Assistant. Ideation Presentation The Soiree. August end 2nd week : Faculty submit student thesis progress report to the Director of Graduate Studies to advise as to whether student is prepared to enter ARC Students are required to receive thesis proposal approval in order to be eligible to register for any of the following courses:.

ARC Identify your own assumptions and position yourself with regard to this literature. The notes should list only those sources you intend to use. Include site analysis and program development. Please list the names of students you are willing to serve specify chair or reader.

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Please list the names of students you are not willing to serve as chair or reader. A completed 4, word conference ready Thesis Text Document paper with clearly stated thesis question, previous research on the topic, methodology, anticipated outcome and contribution, and bibliography. In preparation for further development in ARC , you are asked to find and document three prospective sites, in different geographic situations, for consideration for the design portion of the thesis.

Interior Design Thesis Outline

Compare, contrast and analyze the three sites as they intersect the major ideas of the written portion of your thesis. How would each site complement, or allow you to draw out, the essence of your thesis inquiry? Consider the city, region, nation, hemisphere, etc. In broad terms, why should your project site be in a particular part of the world? What is your rationale for selecting this site in that particular place? How do these characteristics relate to your written thesis? Consider the possibility that an appropriate site for your project is not a single physical place or location conventionally bounded.

For students who would like to take an optional additional three credit hours during the summer with the assent of their thesis chair in addition to ARC ARC Thesis Site Research: 3 credits Create a full description of the three alternate sites through photographs aerial and conventional , sketches, surveys topographic, land use and other , and maps at multiple scales —. See part III.

Site Analysis, conceptual design, preliminary schematic design, and pre-programming. Further documentation through photographs, film, sketches, surveys, maps using a variety of 2-D and 3-D media and techniques pertinent to your thesis inquiry is also required. Exploring precedent and case studies pertinent to your inquiry: exploring their intersections and potential contradictions to your project.

Did the student create and execute a plan for summer activity, in consultation with their thesis committee? Did the student carefully consider and document their site for further development in ARC ? Did the student consider and document programmatic issues in preparation for further development in ARC ?

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The guidelines below offer the thesis candidate departmental expectations about the nature and scope of Master of Architecture Design theses. The graduate committee acknowledges that students may pursue a design thesis grounded in personal inquiry with emphases in areas such as theory, landscape, urbanism, digital media, technology, artistic production, history, etc.

Regardless of subject, there is an implicit assumption that most theses will be tested in an architectural building project with full technical documentation, and procedures and standards set below are intended to help guide such projects. Galinha, I. Herssens, J. Designing Architecture for More. A framework of haptic design parameters with the experience of people born blind. Hillen, B. The stages of life from beginning to end… Reallocation of the old retirement home at Hoogstraten to a care center with focus on palliative care.

Master thesis and master design project. Hasselt: Hasselt University. Huppert, F. Klingmann, A. Architecture in the Experience Economy.

Cambridge: the MIT Press. Lee, J. Lyubomirsky, S. The how of happiness: A new approach to getting the life you want. Manzo, L. Ostroff, E.

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Universal Design: the new paradigm. In: W. Preiser and E.

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Ostroff ed. Universal Design Handbook pp. Petermans, A. Hasselt, Belgium: Hasselt University Press. Peterson, C. Character strengths and virtues: A handbook and classification. Plevoets, B.

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Retail-Reuse: an interior view on adaptive reuse of buildings. Ryff, C. Explorations on the meaning of psychological well-being", Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol.

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    C Graduate Program Committee Intermediate Review: Public presentation of highlights from the written document, the design programme and the preliminary stage drawings for review by the Advisory Committee. On successful completion of the Intermediate Review, students proceed to detailed design development. Oral Examination: Presentation of the completed practicum project to the Examining Committee the former advising committee. Stages of the Thesis: Research Thesis proposal: The proposal defines the theoretical basis, method s of inquiry, site and client, and identifies precedents.

    Research gets underway after approval of the proposal — the research is carried out, followed by writing of the thesis.