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The questions may be discussed with reference to any academic discipline or area of interest.

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All sources must be appropriately acknowledged and cited, and a bibliography including websites consulted should be attached, although this is excluded from the word count. Up to three entries may be submitted per school , so please discuss your application with your school prior to entry. Good essays will present a clear and concise argument using specific examples, but beyond this there is scope to interrogate the questions in any way you please.

Further essays will be commended for their high quality. Winning and highly commended entrants will be invited to the College for a prize-giving ceremony and celebratory lunch with fellows and Directors of Studies at the college.

Ultimate Guide to Historiography Paper 3 (CIE A-Level History) – History

Entries will not be valid without this information. Essay Prize Competition Submission Form. Essay Prize General Information. Essay Questions:. In which circumstances, if any, should it be permissible to ban art or literature on grounds of offence? Do you think scientists should be guided by politicians or should they be free to research as they see fit? If Hamlet is correct, what are the implications? Taimur has done an excellent job in assembling a large amount of information and supporting examples without sacrificing readability.


He has drawn on anthropology, history and science to produce a fascinating account of the triumphs and mistakes of agriculture throughout its evolution. The essay take a mainly historical perspective but its arguments deserve serious consideration by contemporary policy-makers.

Alex has produced an essay of high quality backed up by high quality resources and some wide ranging research.

An impressive range of topics is considered ranging from natural selection to ecological inheritance to niche construction. With recent progress in gene drives, as Alex says, we now possess the ability to wipe entire species off the planet with clinical efficiency. We will soon be able to control our evolution and as Alex concludes, the challenge is to determine whether this would be ethical.

Ahana draws attention to the developments in nuclear plants including the early stage thorium based ones that should produce less waste. The essay considers the relative impact on the environment of fossil fuel emissions and nuclear waste. As Ahana says, nuclear may sound like a daunting prospect now, but we do not have the luxury of time and nuclear power therefore is the answer.

IUHPST Essay Prize in History and Philosophy of Science 12222

Timing and indeterminacy are fascinating concepts and the essay explores these issues with subtlety and nuance. An impressively wide range of materials have been consulted and the essay does sustain an argument in response to the title.

Writing Science Essays (First Year Cambridge!)

This is a successful piece of work. The essay is well-written and subtle, while also consulting a useful range of critical material.

IUHPST Essay Prize

There is a clear and well-sustained argument that elucidates both the play and the questions posed by the title. This a lively, thoughtful and engaging response. Federal Election Oct 17, Business PM. Local PM. Community Oct 16, Books Oct 18, Art Oct 17, ArtsEntertainment Oct 17, X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. Submit Your Content. Already have a Torstar account? Sign In.

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